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You can make a difference in the lives of rescued dogs by donating online through our secure and convenient donation form

You can call and make a contribution over the phone to sponsor a dog or help with specific needs.

(916) 847-9986

By Email

Contact use through email to arrange ways to support our efforts and mission.


Dog and Handler


Join us to support animals in need through various roles such as animal care, adoption events, fundraising, photography, social media, and more. Your contribution, big or small, helps create a better future for these deserving animals. Explore our areas of need and lend your skills, time, and abilities to make a lasting impact. Together, we can transform lives.

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Foster a rescue

Foster for Stars and Stripes Dog Rescue and change a dog's life. Your nurturing care provides a second chance for canines in need. From socializing to temporary shelter, your dedication is crucial in their journey to adoption. Experience the joy of witnessing their transformation. Join us as a foster parent and make a lasting impact on their lives.

Happy Dog

Browse ways below to become  INVOLVED where YOU CAN HELP.

Volunteer Positons
Funny Pitbull Portrait

Give 15 Minutes To Help

  • Posting an event on your FaceBook

  • Hanging an event day flyer on your office bulletin board or local coffee shop

  • Using Instagram to encourage people to reach out to us

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